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The High Court of Delhi was established on 31st October , 1966.
Initially, High Court of judicature at Lahore, which was established by a letter patent dated 21 March, 1919, exercised judicature over the then provinces of Punjab and Delhi. This position continued till Indian Independence Act, 1947 when the dominions of India and Pakistan were created.
Lahore 21.3.1919 - 1947 Ravenswood Shimla, Oct. 1947 - Jan. 1955
The High Court(Punjab) act, 1947 established a new High Court for the territory of what was then called the east punjab with effect from 15 August, 1947. The India(Adaptation of Existing Indian law) order, 1947 provided that any reference in an existing Indian law to the High Court of Judicature at lahore, be replaced by a reference to the High Court of East Punjab.
The High Court of East Punjab started functoning from Shimla in a building called "Peterhoff", which was burnt down in January, 1981.
Chandigarh 17.1.1955 - 1967
When the Secretariat of the Punjab Goverment shifted to Chandigarh in 1954-55, the High Court also shifted to Chandigarh.The High Court of Punjab as it is latter came to be called, execised juridiction over Delhi , through a circuit Bench which dealt with the cases pertaining to the Union territory of Delhi and the Delhi Administration.In view of the importance of Delhi, its population and other considerations, parliament thought it necessary to create a new High Court for Delhi. This was achieved by enacting the Delhi High Court Act 1966, on 5th September 1966. 
25 Sep. 1976 - Present
By virtue of section 3(1) of Delhi High Court Act, the Central Goverment was enpowered to appoint a date by a notification in the official gazette, for establishing a High court  for the Union territory of Delhi . The appointed date was 31 october, 1966
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